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Scientific entertainment!!!(questions?)
Post by MAXIMA ARTIS KOSMOPOLITES on Jan 18th, 2004, 2:09pm

OK i will answer for the questions that you could you possibly have after “Scientific entertainment!!!” poll…a question one, for the society, must be qualification? Am i right?! Well anyhow i can see why i should resist that question…i`ll answer …but it`s funny, isn`t it? I mean you`ve just figure out that you`re the segment of neurological and psychical connection circle, with out any qualification , by using only one instrument (your own mirrored reflection or photo image or yourself). Whatsover society will probably ask you about your qualification?! ..However i`ll answer: i`m an artist and that is goes first., but i have pass a university qualification and i`m a baccalaureate.And i won`t lie about that my study wasn`t concetreted on neurology and psychology (of course i have two semesters consecrate on psychology as a common univercity course : social and productive psychology) As my main course…it was “acoustic engineering and instrument-making(devices)” – as fine as you can conclude by hearing some composition of mine wink?! Anyhow i gotta make it clear – my music or imagery art wasn`t primary based on my philosophy or metaphysical research ( i would reather say that my serious metaphysical and philosophy research was based on my art)…As for the next common question for that situation ( when someone unfamous trying to publish that kind statements of facts ): As he insane?!…Did i guess it again? Well i gotta be honest anyway and i`ll answer (`cause only honesty can make our difficult life a little more lightfull and simple for my mind …and my life are difficult enough , so i won`t make it even more difficult)…Whaysover officially.. yes( i am crazy… clinically)!! – i use to live for a mounth in regional medical univercity clinic for psychological inspection updated for saving my ass from a goverment persecution( wich is not a special case in Russia, if you`re male between 18-27 ) …i`ve present from my side and sceantific research based on my theorys and art for professors and students lections and in reward they promise to make me free from goverment bloodhounds …. and with a God`s help it seems to heppen ( i`m officially unwanted for the goverment slavery system as fine for as a job…So i suppose you can imagine what was my diagnose)…However it`s my version.. a version of offical structures: crazy creep …So now only you should decide ? What i`ve present to you? A profanation of crazy man or the truth ? Anyway i hope you will not trust any opinion until you`ll find your own, including that one. And if you `ve found yourself by using my little enterteinment conner or something else – it will be your accomplishment or guilt …”i can only show you the door” but you`ll need to choose – should you walk in or stay out?! Click here ( ) if you`re ready to get in and find the answer on the third common and reasonable question: Whats good you can find by define your actual archetype and what does it means?
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