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Feb 24th, 2018, 3:37pm

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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« Thread started on: May 7th, 2014, 4:34pm »

Well, maybe youth had such problems (losing a feeling of reality), but it is sounds silly for me... I mean i think technology is great then you know how to use it... it is like saying that electronic book is dead, but paper is not... Well you gotta kill some trees to make paper book, while words will remain words and understanding of them is only the problem of your imagination or job of your mind ... And you have to kill a lot of animals to create analog cinema lent, while it will fade away anyway... So if there would be no digital storages - there would be no Bergman or Chaplin for now... As well as no Matrix or Avatar... Technology which can safe life literally and let people leave in the world free from violence is great! Kids are not playing in dirt and not climbing on trees - so what? They can have the whole world in the front of they eyes instead of looking at the same view outside the window and giving themselves a chance to break neck... More than that - they can see what is not possible to see just than you look at the sky - they can see space outside the milky way... they can dream about it... they can create they own worlds and visit surreal universes in computer games... You may say what it is not real, but what is real? Look of the eyes that looking at you? Maybe a smell of that person or some expression that you cannot be caught by camera? Have you never being cheated without electronic gadgets in face to face? Actors can create a character for you in film or even on stage and you gonna fell the same pain and joy, while it is a character – not actor himself… More than that – you can feel a real sympathy to electronic or painted cartoons… to rock stars which you never met in life or poet who died long time ago… And you think that your or his or her feelings is not real? Earth and solid ground is real? The fact that they are moving with incredible speed around the star called sun, inside of huge space without knowing a reason why – is it real or not? What is surely real is having kids without knowing meaning of your own life - it is reckless and egoistic, isn't it?! Are you sure? Reality is what you excerpt as reality... "There is nothing outside the camera view" As they say, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, use to say... So if some people feel stupid near smart phone - it is they problem – they just stupid and will remain stupid with or without a phone)) So it is not so called a time of smart phone and stupid people = it is time of smart phones or stupid people or simply time…
I do not have smartphone… I do not need it, because for now it cannot give me the full impression and opportunity of expression which i need, while desktop can… For me it is just a waste of money, which i don’t have because the biggest problem is not in gadgets, but the in people who thinks that digital life is not real, digital movie worthless and digital painting or CG graphics worth less then oil painting and acoustic or classic music… Sometimes it is, but not because of the gadgets… Because computer cannot create music for you or create film or fineart – it can create something only with you as well as it would be with oil paint and brushes and canvas… Only digital canvas is much more accurate and digital tablets and pens can give you an opportunity to create image with 2048 points on each inch or more… So It is only ups to you how to use it – will you use some templates or maxims, or mems or thoughts, created by the others or gonna change it for yourself or even invent and create everything by yourself… For example i have spent couple years to create that and even create a film within , there every move and light and sound has been created connected and controlled by me… However people who cannot do the same think that it is computer job and it is easy – no it is NOT!!! I spent three years only to understand how it works while technology is never sleeps and evolving… I had create music for that film about 10 years ago… and i were need to look myself into my studio for seven years to invent my own philosophy for continuation of my creative ways… it was almost solitary confinement – so journey to Mars wasn't sound so scary for me… However i am not alone now and even if that muse of mine is just my imagination – i love her and when i hold her face into my arms, i see GOD… And when i make love to her we both make love to Him/Hrr… Also i probably would not face her at all without internet and cell phones and i could not spend a hours by looking at her and speaking to her if not Skype, while we cannot be together in flesh whole the time, because of the people, who thinks that true art should be analog only and cannot be printed… people who still think that if they bought a paintings it is belong to them only – they are wrong!!
Creation will always belong to creator… It cannot be changed as well as children will always be children for they parents and parents will be parents for the children… So artists can only share his or her art with you and if you are not too egoistic, you gonna help artists to share they art with everyone you love, if you truly love art… Yeah, it will be a copy, but there is no copy in digital world – everything is copy and original at the same time… So every print are valuable as well as the first one – they all connected to original and original is connected with them and the artist… So if original cannot be bought, but only barrowed – why not to buy a hard copy of it and be the one who is really owns it?! I know it is difficult to understand and that it is a real problem – people do not think if it is too difficult to understand and the phones are not the source of that problem – it is human nature – too lazy and too greedy for getting the meaning of life fully and understand and accept the beauty of creation….
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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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