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Mar 19th, 2018, 04:06am

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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read the quotes of that forum...

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« Thread started on: Jan 20th, 2012, 08:49am »

....Oh no, my experience was fantastic - it was wonderful time, 'cause i was more like a guest star...First of all they have invited me to medical university clinic for free, while other were need to pay for about a 1000USD It was a contract - they were need a crazy artist for dissertation research and i were need to stay away from Russian government = so we helped each other... I could go outside and visit art exhibitions, watch new films on a big screen, 'cause it was a capitol of the region - huge town - cultural center... In return i were need to share my thought with students, make a few exhibition of my own art to professors and i even played on piano...It was wonderful... Also clinic curator was and still have reputation of Russian Jung or Freud - so it was interesting to talk with such folks... and nurses was sexy as well as some professor's assistants) However fellow with heart in head ( the one who is reading on "Soul key"( ), has been created under impression taken from one big young man, who had a head trauma and use to crying and yelling sometimes all night long... He could not walk by himself and his mother lived with him in clinic... Also there were people who has visit the clinic after working on Chernobyl's catastrophe liquidation ( for mental help)... Women chamber was near too and i've got some impression from they stories as well... So i had a good time and it was very valuable experience and i even could go out on weekend to my home town, which i did for creating music and take a bath... And after tree weeks, just before the new year celebration, they decide to let go for good and i spend holydays with family at home... on the next day clinic has been burned, but the fire stops just before the half of cabinet with documents about my case, and safe with those papers has been saved... However i would say that it has any connection with film "Safe"( ) ))

As for fooling a doctors - yeah, it is probably can be done, but will not work at the face of army commission psychiatrists ... Because those folks can put you in army even if you got one leg) - I mean in a time than all of this was happened - there was a undeclared war in Chechnya... So army was in big need of fresh meat... And could have only 2 ways for do not go in there - be insane and be a student... You may say that i was both... I was in local tech university, but i also were need to create my music at night, while i have to go in University at days...Professors in university - knew about the war and the reasons why they not very popular institute has been turned into university.. So some of them were act like a punishers in hell and some students decide that they better go to army that stay in university... While regular army was like a prison there you could be isolated from the outer world for 2 years and would serve to your mother land with other angry folks and real prisoners, who choose army instead of been in jail... Bad food, rough cloth and officers who are equal to jail wardens... Who use to be worse than so called "old" folks - so called "deadavschina" - soldiers who were in army more than year and could do anything with young ones... And if you would not obey - all of them would beat you and your humiliation would continued in much worse form... However i use to be exhausted so bad, that i use think that i should go there or at war instead of regular army... And it could be very possible, because i live near this restless region... And even my father( who use be an active a colonel of aviation in Russian army and use to work at general headquarters in Moscow) - even him haven't helped me. All he had done is showed me to military physiatrist in military hospital of veterans near Moscow... and after 2 hours of talking he said that i am just a very eccentric fellow, but not crazy - on the contrary - maybe one of the most sane that he ever met... Whatsoever officially i am completely insane and army think that it is better to stay away from me) But the truth is, that it is i who decided to stay away and with God's help it happened... At has been started when a few folks has been back from this undeclared war in Chechnya and told and even showed me about what was going on in there.. It was not the war, there you can go and shot the enemy... It was the war than you gotta sit and wait in your trench until some shitty terrorist will start attacking you.. "Do not provoke!!" - was an order... That is why so many folks has to die for nothing... to do not hurt the feeling of the world community and all that shit... While USA bombing everything which is not even situated on a same continent... And before i notice that, i wanted to go on that war, but after that, i would rather kill someone who wants to send me to that war or the ones who start it... A crazy drunk bear Echlin, for example - the one who has tried to kill G. Dudaev instead of try to negotiate him, or at least kill instead of trying, while Dudaev was the last sane leader in Chechnya, who could rule with out military aggression against Russia, after USSR has fall... Yeah, and i was act like insane , when i said: "fuck off!!" to my military navy officers courses in my university, on the next day than i was included to the program... And it was elite program which could take only 2 folks from each university students groups - was 2-4 from 20... Cathedra chief, academic with would known name has asked for me to be the third in this program...and it was the last observed way to stay away from war and became a navy officer in reserve. However guess what - everyone who use to stay on that program, now became an active navy officers, 'cause times has changed and lack of navy officers forced government to take them from the reserve... As for me - i've got bachelor diploma of engineering and so called white ticket... It is white, 'cause army and government do not want me for good and this ticket, which is officially titled as military ID has only 2 notes, in my case... One note is about my registration and second is about the ending of this registration on a same day...
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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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