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Mar 17th, 2018, 2:52pm

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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xx Covered emptiness ( act 7)
« Thread started on: Feb 14th, 2009, 04:29am »

act 6 :

Wendy stays and taking out several veils from her package, while girl without a jaw sits next to her, locked in speech therapist cabinet. Wendy says:”Well honey – here is new start for you…We will cover you, `cause when you covered – you can be anyone and no one -
You don`t have to show your face and since your body still gorgeous – with those covers – you`ll be even more attractive, than you were without, while you had your face. From now on – you`ll choose - who you wanna be!!!”(Covering girl`s face with veils )
Girl without a jaw goes out from hospital entry… She walks away and her gorgeous figure move slowly from side to side, (from hipes) and shows her back to the camera, while passers-by turns they head and sending on admiring looks to her walking and fading away steps… She is evanescing by loosing her veils, one by one, but one her veils soar in warm air, which is comes up from street and crowd walks through, with sullen faces, focused and concentrated somewhere out, without looking to each other…
Shan looks at Shannon IDs..he still look weak, but Sophonda commands:” Eyelashes ink…” – got an answer:” Eyelashes ink…” …another command:” Labial contour… ” – got answer:”Got it!!”...”Libstick!!” – got answer and tool :” Oh now she is fantastically shining!!” - another command:”Lustre!! She still needs to get out from jungles!!”...Answer:” Lustre.”…
Shannon image on IDs morphs into Wendy still laying on a hospital sheets, while camera moves out to large scope of the hospital chamber. Saphonda says:”Hm now our queen is ready for thå show !!!” And whan all of them say, almost synchronously:” …and the show must go on!!!”
Eavy and Manus, who now got silicon chest, stay in a same furniture store as Eavy and Shannon use to play. Eavy says:” We came here almost everyday and walk around with Shannon, while telling a stories to each other and act like we live here…Even having a fights…Fake of coarse!!” Manus answers:” How charming!! Hm i suppose that is familial, however Wendy was much more talented for my opnion…It`s shame that she is chasmed! I mis her!!” Eavy answers:”Everyone miss her honey! However Shannon is a good leaner and i suppose in
someday she will be equal…”

Final tittles theme:

words from author:
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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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