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Feb 24th, 2018, 3:39pm

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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xx Covered emptiness( act 6 )
« Thread started on: Feb 14th, 2009, 04:28am »

act 5:

Wendy and girl without a jaw came from bathroom and goes down from stairs. In a house hall, they see Manus making blow job for fellow who use to try get them out from bathroom…He hold his ass by his hand and smacking….
Girl with veil, take more blood on her finger and continue her writings on flaming wall:”…i use to hate you `cause after you leave and our parents has been informed about your death – you`ve became they hero and they start adore you, who has died for them, but became more alive, then me - who was alive, but not for them…Whatsoever now i love and adore you as well!!!”
Fade out( in white)
Fade in
Shan laying on hospital chamber, without his breasts…All three queers surrounds him and girl without a jaw sit next to him on the edge of his bed. His eyes are closed and he looks faintly and weak… One of them says:” Oh Wendy – you looks so faintly…Come on sisters…lets help our queen….Queen Wendy gotta look good even in coffin…Good bless surgery and book about it, which was in your jacket pocket and safe your life along with your silicon boobs….it`s a shame that it has been ruined, as well as your fantastic jacket. However here a good news – Now you can change it on a knew one and any size you want…” Shan slowly opens his eyes…Girl without a jaw write a notes, while one of the queers says:” Now let`s fix you up!!”
Girl shows note to Shan:” I love you WENDY ALEXANDER!!” Shan answers, with smile and limply says:” Love you too ms. Saint Passions…” One of the queers commands:” Humidifier!” Another one gives it and answers:” Humidifier.” Saphonda (one of the queers) using it…Girl without Jaw writes and show another note:” Now you can be me officially and i can start over somewhere else…” Sophonda says:” Tonal.” Another queer answers and gives:” Got it!” Girl without a jaw writes and shows:” I`m gonna give you my ID and you`ll became me for everyone, excerpt me and you.” Sophonda comands: ”Fixer!!” Another sister Ray give and says:”Fixer
!!”.Sophonda using it, while Shan say:” What about you honey?” Girl without a jaw, with veil writing and show:”I`ll remain covered for the others to be opened for myself…to find me -
the one who’s not associated with the way i use to look…”(open her veil) Sophonda commands:” Crayon for eyebrows !” Girl without a jaw writes…One of the Ray sisters(three queers) says:” Crayon for eyebrows.” Girl without a jaw show her note, while Sophonda use cryon:” You`ll be my reversion – the one who`s covered my empty shape, while i am going to
fill out emptiness, which was covered by that shape ” Shane says:” So who are you going to be sis?” Girl writes:” Will figure out on the way i`m going…”
Eavy stays on a stairs with riffle with her burned hear and yells to Wendy:”
It`s you again – Shannon – crazy pyromaniac witch!!!” Wendy laughs, while Eavy aim riffle on her:” If some one would have a same charm and look as you do, he would walk on the water for all his life, but you need to put everything on fire – So i`ll fire you!!”
Sophonda commands:” Crayon for eyes!!” Another sister says and gives:” Crayon for eyes” Saphonda start using it, while girl with veil close it writes and goes out…Wendy look at the writings:” I`ll find my way anyway and you`ll show how shallow and fixed social frames can be…While they will look at you and see me, without see me… while everyone can accept you only by giving you one label, one opportunity and one face, written and produced for you, but not by you…And If you have established yourself as an actor – you can’t be fine art creator…Or if you are established as screenwriter - no one will call you composer as well or simply an artist – you`ll be a screenwriter who has create a symphony, or an actor who has create a few canvases…If you have a one face – you gotta have one entity and one shape, while you can have multiple shapes of your entity, just like God...Covered by one shape - He creates all, as well as i`ll remain covered to create me as me and not everyone expect me to be, by judging on the way i look and choosing for me the way, which girl , like me should walk…” Shan puts note down, with weak shadow of smile look at the open door with following of his sister walking away, while she is already out…

act 7:
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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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