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Feb 25th, 2018, 07:34am

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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read the quotes of that forum...

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xx Covered emptiness( act 4 )
« Thread started on: Feb 14th, 2009, 04:24am »


as well as he was Chaise Manhattan in Boston and and Nash Rambler and Denver Omelet… And ex vice police agent and everyone’s ex …”( interrupted by knocks at the door of the bathroom and voice behind): “Ms. Alexander , would you please step out and help me!! – It`s Mr. Elis – it seems like he sick and having some kind of uncontrollable seizure!!” Wendy answers:” Yes, yes it`s normal – you gotta help him – just put him down to the flow and if it`s needs – put your knees to his chest to do not let him hurt himself, while i`m helping ms.Scotia!!” Man behind the door open it for a little and see girl in veil, opening her veil and closing the door, while Wendy continue yelling after him:” And most important – you gotta take tongue from his mouth or he can choke himself and you`ll sit on a corpse…!!” Looks like man, who was behind the door almost run away downstairs and Wendy continue with sarcastic smile:” It will surely will keep them busy, while we will do our part…So as i were saying i`ve made this journey with you and Manus to understand how to leave in that world, with my new upcoming shape, before i`ll do the final cut…
Writings on the burning wall: “ i`ve force Manus to travel with us by telling him that if he won’t come – i`ll tell everyone that he is the one who had burned EAvy`s house…”
Wendy continue, while laying on a flour under stairs, with hole in her chest::” Manus -an undercover hooker, who would work for vice police and buster gays, who wanted to buy him and he would still be successful, if wouldn’t start getting older. However as well as George Michel with his “Older”, and no matter how much extra female hormones you have mix with his morning coffee, he still got fantastical look!!” Girl use little more Wendy`s blood and
wrirtes on the wall:” You always will look way more and gorgeous, than he or anyone
was or will!!” Wendy answers:”The truth is i never wanted to be a woman!! I just wanted to do something that i hate to , to find who am i…Something completely insane and wrong…Something which everyone, who would find himself normal would call crazy …I wanted `cause i were getting sick from being normal and do everything in so called right way…”
Wendy continues on the bathroom’s flour:” …i hated to be captured in some clichés created by our society and even love it and adore( swallows another pill , given by Shannon )…So I figure out that i can`t trust my own wishes and and world outlook, corrupted by our western culture. And if i want to find the source – the genuine me and truth … ( taking another blue pill marked as “valium”) I gotta do something really way off from social rules and standards…`Cause true revelations comes from chaos…(swallow another tablet) Only if you are ready to step inside of it and catch yourself before it swallow you( swallow another one )– you are ready to to live your own life, but not someone else is… i suppose our journey as well the way of making cash for a living, by stilling drugs from bathrooms of expensive mansions for sale, is on the left way… Well, removing two ribs from my chest for my send watch waist, changing of shape and ....”
( camera shows Wendy turns to Shan, while laying on a hospital stretchers )…Wendy laying on bathroom’s flour and continues: “And those drug queens”( camera shows three faces showing behind the door one by one, like totem, from low to high ), which you`ve met at the hotel, where
i were living, when you came for me with Elis looked at the truck” Shan laying on a hospital stretchers and continues:” They`ve paid for surgery and thoughts that they were using me to create some kind of living copy of speaking doll, which they’ve created and sold and
make alote cash on it, by selling cloth for it”( Camera shows doll inside the box on some market shell and whan focus gets on her face morph to Wendy`s face laying on a bathroom’s flour ) .Wendy continues:” It was cheap, but cloth selling has made them rich as hell. As well as my cloth cost cheaper for them, than i…However it`s me = who were using them to make something completely nuts (swallows another pill from Shannon hands)… So here i am – a queen, who’s also looking for some love and her little sister…So maybe you would became one or both?! –like i`ve said – i haven’t make a final cut and i love you – i mean – i`m not lesbian or gay – i hate those labels – I don’t want to confine myself by using it…( eyes of girl with veil goes wider)I`m free…And i`ve thought that maybe you gonna help me?( girl with veil negatively wave, by her head and runs out from bathroom…)

act 5:
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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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