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Mar 19th, 2018, 04:06am

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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xx Covered emptiness( act3 )
« Thread started on: Feb 14th, 2009, 04:22am »

act 2:

Writings on the wall with flames:” i`ve burn my girlfriend house and makes her think that my boyfriend has tried to finish me off, while she was out for photo session somewhere in Mexico and asked me to stay in her huge residence, which has been given to her by her family from Texas…”
Camera shows Manus ( special agent of vice police )jumping through window, with covered by stocking face and knife and see girl with out a jaw, with out a jaw , in blue night-dress, which hold a riffle in her hand, standing on stairs. He says:” Chill out Shannon …” – loose the knife and continue:” First of all let`s say to each other that everyone will goes from here alive and secondary…” Girl says:” OO OU ears” and step down to the hall. Manus continue, while she gets up, with his hands up:” Came on baby – it wasn`t me – it was Eavy – she has made that shot from the riffle that you hold – She is even sleep within and i were only came here to avenge you!!”….
Eavy stays on the wind stairs with burned hair and hoops, which has been left from skirt of her weeding dress. And point the same riffle to Wendy, who`s looks surprised and laughs…
Writing on the wall with flames:”She has made that shot `cause i`ve make her think that me is you…as for Manus – he probably still have no clue about who are you…?!”
Luggage rack has been opened and Wendy have said, by looking at Manus, who`s laying inside with no movement:” Hm what a cute fellow, he is probably got concussion of the brain, after such big holes on a road.”…
…Flaming writings on the wall:” He wasn’t – it was me who has force him to take soporific, while he was in closet for cloth, in Eavy house, which i`ve burn out after called her and i`ve heard…”
Eavy sits on a hotel bed, watch TV and hold phone tube, while Shannon ( girl without a jaw ) stay with riffle in Eavy`s house and cloth closet behind her, do the same and listen
:”Is it you Manus?! Hello!! Stop call me, you jerk!! After you`ve done with Shannon, i don`t wanna see or hear you again!!!”
..Writings on the wall eaten by flames:” However it wasn`t him – He haven’t shot me …I am a true sister of my sweet brother and just like you`ve done it with yourself by that balloon expulsion – i`ve shot myself and makes Eavy think that it was Manus and let Manus think, that it was Eavy…” Wendy laying on the flow, while blood still floats from her chest and says;” Oh honey – I didn’t know that it was you, but like i`ve said I knew that it`s you – my little sis…and …!!”… Wendy laying on the flow at bathroom of some expensive house
and takes tablets from hands of the girl in veeil( Shannon ) and says:”
i LOVE you and i always will… I`ve made that journey with you and …who is he for now…??!( Wendy looks considering...) Girl in veil writes in her note book and show to Wendy:”Elis Island”. Wendy says:” Yes that’s right ms. Scotia – owner of paper factory
He is your step brother for today and my assistant for all time…

act 4:
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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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