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Feb 24th, 2018, 3:37pm

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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xx Covered emptiness( act2 )
« Thread started on: Feb 14th, 2009, 04:20am »

act 1:

..SHe is continuing write on the wall in flames( fire eats laters, which start burn as well as the wall) by blood( near stairs, where shut read hair girl lays ):” i guess i shouldn’t shut down the light in my room, at that night when our father has throw you away from our home and you knocked in my window… Nevertheless It wasn’t me – who has throw that balloon into a garbage can, which has scared your face Shan “Wendy Alexander ( girl who`s laying under stair, with bullet hole in her jacket): “ You shouldn’t worry about me honey – i`m fine now and i knew it all the time – i knew that it wasn’t you `cause i`ve done it by myself and i knew that it was you, whan i`ve meet you in hospital without a lower jaw…”
Wendy Alexander sits on a char in speech therapist’s cabinet and doctor says: “ Males always make accent on adjective, when they say something and female make accent on adverbs…for example male would say: “You are so BEAUTIFUL today” and female will say: “ You are so beautiful TODAY”. Girl without a jaw stay near door and writings on the wall with flames says:” Wendy so BEAUTIFUL, as her head can be chapped off and sold for for million dollars from exhibition … “ Wendy turn her head to the girl without a jaw(while she stands near open doors of therapist cabinet) and says:” Oh shit honey, what happened to your face? Have you ask elephant to sit on it?” Girl hold turkey in her hands and than doctor is paying attention on her sustain the bird. Therapist is standing up and goes to her with words:” Hello honey, it not your time now and you shouldn’t bring a present to me – it`s my job…” Girl without a jaw answers:” Aeeak eea eat eeer an uk ou” – woman answes:” Ok Ok honey…” Girl is not listening, sneak into the room meanwhile and looking the door in front of therapist’s surprised face. Whan after, she sits next to Wendy and writes on the note and shows :” Save me !!!” , while Wendy reads it, write another one: ”PLEASE!!!”. Wendy syas:” Ok, Ok I will , but first tell me what’s happened with your face honey ?” Girl writes again:” The birds has ate it?” Wendy reads and asks with bewilderment and some notes of sarcasm in her voice:” What birds?! – One from the ones which you`ve gave to our therapist?” Girl laughs and writes and shows notes one by one, while Wendy reads with changing face( from surprise to abuse and irony) :” I were driving in my car while bullet from 30 caliber riffle has smash my face and rip my lower jaw off…It could be fixed , but before police has found my car, sea gulls ate it, or took it…Police detective has told me that it`s normal for them and sometimes they taking the bones along to they nests and when crash them on rocks to get some marrow from it…and that turkey that i`ve got for therapist, i`ve stole it from market near…” Wendy asks:” Stole? And no one even tryed to stop you”. Girl negatively swing by her head …
Camera shows market and girl without a jaw , who`s walking through the tourniquet, along with a turkey, while everyone looks at newspapers or advertising posters or shows like they care about something on market’s shells…She walks and without stopping and says to girl on a case :” Ae iell ey eater “ while some folks give her a shy look and whisper between each other:” it`s a mask?.. looks like …ouch!! Horrible ?! It`s too early for Halloween…”And when she almost out, a child, who`s mother trying to make like she care about what’s written on TAMPAX, yells:” LOOK, LOOK – a monster stilling the FOOD” His mother slap him and says:” Quiet, it`s not how good boys should act !!!” Child start cry and while his face changes from wonder to lack of understanding with offence...Girl goes out. Wendy sits on a chair in therapist cabinet and says:” Ok, write more honey…I need to know everything?” Girl continues:” I came here. I`m alive( still laughs )…Carrier is over. I can’t speak. I have no home, `cause parents still thinks that i`m study in college and dreaming to be a doctor and have no clue about my fashion carrier and work of a model…” Wendy says:” Your handwriting is awful honey, but go on – give me something more!!” Girl writes:” Fiancé has left me and seems like he use to fuck my best friend as well her seems to fuck all my cloth…And no one will ever look at me again!!!” Wendy says:” What’s all?” Girl writes:” Child from market called me a MONSTER…and i`ll probably will have to eat children’s food for the end of my life…” (she looks like about to cry ) Wendy looks at her with love, but with no compassion and says:” You take it all in wrong way, honey!! – You can’t create your future, by living in your past and turn it into your present, my dear!! – Future is what you have to leave behind and what you have to find by look ahead…” Wendy took a powder-case from her cow-hide fancy-bag and open it…Got no powder, but white tablets...and no mirror, but smiling Wendy`s photo card, which makes her smile too. She took a tablet from it and says:” Doctors have no clue about it, but here is an old school Marylyn Monroe`s method – any drug in corresponding amount, can take a way any ache you’ve got” Wendy put one tablet, in her graphite lips, sustain one for girl without a jaw and says:” Go on girl i`ll help you to do so…Otherwise you’ll have to write your story again and again, before you`ll understand that it`s just a story and it`s not yours now…”
act 3:
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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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