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Feb 25th, 2018, 07:35am

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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xx Covered emptiness(act1)
« Thread started on: Feb 14th, 2009, 04:18am »

Sound of shot and focus on barrel of a gun….
Send watch figured blond stands on winding stairs, with smoking riffle in her hand and smoking fiancée wear, which consist of absence of skirt cloth, but overburden plastic carcass of it and what’s left from weeding veil. She stands on her heavy legs wearied in white stockings with waistband, stained by soot and looks shocked, while camera shows another big foot girl, which is laying on a flow, under stairs, with frustrated and little bit surprised look…Blond loose the rifle and run away, as well as guests from weeding ceremony( who was around as audience on some show), while camera shows red headed victim, with small hole in her jacket and tiny blood line flowing across her breast to her neck…girl with covered by veils face, but candidly dressed, sit next to victim, while she says( wearily and worried) :” I need to see my life, as they says - before the end should happen…I can`t see it. Could you help me?! ” …Girl covered by veils, took a blood from wound of the victim and start write on the wall, while fire came behind the stairs: Your name is Shan McFarland and you were has been born about 24 years ago…
Camera shows town house and boy who`s put garbage into can and than put a flame on it…He stand and look at the fire and than BOOM!!!( explosion) He still stands, but his face covered by blood and scars….
Continuation of writings on the burning wall: You had baby sister, who`s got worse accident than yours…
Camera shows girl, in a car with broken side window and absence of lower jaw, covered by blood…She stops near hospital. Get out and wearily walks to entrance…
Writings on the wall continued:” I was a fashion model…I and Eavy…”
Camera shows Eavy( blond shooter) and girl without a lower jaw standing on a stage, with lower jaw and furniture for bedrooms( in furniture store )…Eavy says:” In my childhood , my parents wanted me to be a boy…It was awful and I would never wanted to go back…”
…Writings on the wall:”…and i`ve answered :”( camera shows furniture store again ):” Yeah, my parents use to be awful with me too…me and my big brother…”
Camera shows two kids, who’s laying in the truck which is moving and shaking from side to side…they covering they faces to do not breath by dust and trash from flow of the truck…back door of truck is opening and kids goes out, while his fathers says:” Come on – go out quickly!! Before cops hasn’t showed!! Took whatever you can and put in in out truck!! Hurry Hurry!!”( A big train with multiple wagons lays on the ground after crash with food cloth and other stuff surrounds it…) Kids and they parents run for it…
Eavy says(in furniture store, while both sitting on a furniture store showcase chairs ):” And what’s happen with your big brother?” , girl without jaw, but within for now, answers:” Well after his face has been ripped by the blow of the balloon of lacquer, which was in a garbage which he were need to burn…Our parents kick him out from our home…” Eavy ask:” WHAT?”
Girl continues writing on the burning wall, under stairs:” When they’ve found a gonorrhea in your throat, which you’ve got after you`ve made a blow job for Manus – a special agent of vice police, who told you…”
Scene in a car… young boy with scared face sit next young handsome fellow, who`s speaking to him by certain and soft mentor voice:” You see…your case is almost close and your family will be soon of from that glitch…Neighbors sided and suspicious looks will remain, but you`ll be clean for a low, officially. Only they can arrest your father, for what they think he have done with you. So if you want to help him you`ll have to help me and i`ll do what it needs for sure them, that he is not involved and it was a tragic accident..!?” Boy answers with passion:” Yeah – that’s right – it was an accident!!” Manus interrupts him:” Yes , yes I believe you, but if you want me to make them to believe you – you gotta make me feel good, if you know what i mean…”
Eavy asks( in furniture store): “ And than what?” , girl continue:” Well our father was realized and our parents still sure that it was me, who has put that balloon to the garbage can…”
Girl without a jaw, but within pose to photographer, who`s says: “ Show me regret!!”( flare smash the screen ); “Show me compassion”( flare smash the screen after girl change pose, but not an apathy mask on her face)…Girl continue her speech to Eavy(in furniture store):” Some time later, some one called and told us that Shan is died from AIDS… And our parents turn themselves into loving ones and grieve over they sweetest son gay(says sarcastically)…And even join to AFLAG and put they flag near our fence…” Eavy says:” WHAT?” Girl continues, while they both laying on furniture store showcase bed:” Well it haven’t take too long and after they saw how some folks has crashed neighbors fence…” Eavy cut short:” Wait a minute - you saying that your folks joined to Association of Friends of Lesbians and Gays?” Girl continue:” Well yeah and now Shan – my sweat brother – is they fallen gay hero…”( says it at a loss and some resentment and grinning ) …Her face in close:” Give me another parents!!!”( flare smash the screen )
act2 is here:
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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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