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Mar 19th, 2018, 04:08am

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xx Return to the casle of wolfenstein
« Thread started on: Mar 28th, 2005, 3:24pm »

....original version that game was like a relavation to me - it was a first 3d game that i`ve been played and one of the first real 3d game which was created. I`ve play by using the fastest PC for that time - 286 IBM PC 16 Mhz and it was really slow, `cause actually the best solution wa 486 dx4 100Mhz(which was a fastest PC too in his time and i`ve used for create music and also play DOOM wit GUS max on board). So that game was really wanted for me, but had no hardwere for play it until now... And now when i`ve made a walkthrough all i can say is BRAVO!!! to Gray Matter`s studio. A spirit of old fashion walf3d was saved here, but also it`s one of the most realistic 3d action ever. It was one of the first game which makes me wanna make a screenshots ( ) And i`m glad that it was created without Id software directly, `cause after J. Romero has left the building, they production start looks like PInk Floyd music without Roger Watters presence(i`m talking about the difference between Quake and Quake 2). And this game was maded in a best traditions of Quake 1 and first DOOM and DOOM 2.( Mistique mixed with cyberpunk) Spooky and also dangerous creatures, with really scary design(Quake 2 creatures only looks dengerous). Story which was based on some real facts of world war 2. And real wearpons of that period mixed with unreal mistique and cyber tech stuff... I had a really greate time - alomost like when i`ve played Doom, Doom 2 and of coarse original Wolf 3D....iting to chance to play Gray Matter`s update for Doom 3....
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