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Group info
Post by MAXIMA ARTIS KOSMOPOLITES on Feb 6th, 2005, 7:56pm

If M. A. K.`s group : Where is a Max on a bass(he start play on electric bass only from our 7th album. Befor that he were use acoustic guitar and keys for that issue). Max on drums and percussion(sometimes we ask him to bum cha ka dum libs stuff for percussion and he did it well)....and of course i wouldn`t forget our guitar man Max(He start as solo player but when he comes to our band(actually he was here from start) , he even used some accords). Now Max - our keyboard player(He decide to use regular computer keyboard instead of musical midi keys for now but he use to to play on Yamaha Psr ans pss) His very inventive And also we got Max as accordion player and programer(sometimes he use tracker programs for some compositions. He is a big fan of s3m and it formats)... Oh almoust forgot(sorry Max) - we have also fantastic hrmonica player and his name is ....Guys please remind me!!?? Oh yes he has a difficult Greece name wich also prononsible in latin as Maxima, bit we call him Max or Maxim sometimes. Also we got fellow with same name as our guitar accordion keyboard bass drum and harmonica player, as a sound sculpter, engineer and conductor. He`s write a lyrics and sings sometimes. And that fellow it`s me. Of coarse we use to work with other musicants too they name listed under.....