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Famous section 3
Post by MAXIMA ARTIS KOSMOPOLITES on Jan 14th, 2004, 2:37pm

60:Sharon Stone ( oh yes she is not just a sex symbol...)
61:Sophie Ellis Bextor(she has a good start ....i`m intrigued)
62:Sophie Loren(..even after life that is was so full she is still amazing and maybe even more.. i wish every woman could do so)
63:Sugababes(i like all three of them. I think someone who`s grip that trio together has made a really good move, `couse they`re presenting all race of female beauty and they`re beautiful. I`ve even listen to they music - usually then i see something like that, i`m muting my Tv and only looking. They`re inspiring..Hey producers - great job!!!)
64:Suffron Berrows(she seems so lightly as an open air...i`m absoletly charmed by her aura)
65:Susan Surandon(i guess i like charme of experience..)
66:Talica Soto( stop the Motral Kobmat `couse Kitana`s beauty can save the world..)
67:Tia Carrera(she is almost ideal for me becouse of similar morphological face shape her jentle smile with a dimples on her cheeks and passion inside her brown eyes and full shapes makes her one of the most styling eastern woman)
68:Winona Ryder(forever young and very outspoken on the screen)
69:Vanessa Paradis (french language was my obseession ..i still can`t speak french wich is could be my first language..she looks great in B/W screen and french for her music it`s something in a medley between 60`s rock and roll and post rock stuff ..i`m charmed.. i should draw her...i guess i will)
70:Vanesa Williams(she can dance act and sing...i wonder she can cook?!)
71:Varvara*(she could be a wonderfull actress ..i like her video expression
72:Verginia Madsen(with that face she could play a middle century`s femalic characters even without repetitions...very fancy exterior for me)
73:Vevian leigh(ouch cat`s out of`s charm of very telented actress with really fabulous creations way - from child to grown woman - her characters has a child with cruelty and innocence inside.. even aged)
74:Veronica Zemanova(one of my favorite model...slavs full sized woman....i wish she was more creative(as Aria)..well she is great anyhow)
Caution: of couse it`s not whole of even famous Muses - it`s difficult notice the names of all fabulous faces so i guess i`ll update more soon
(*) - famous local women`s(russian) Image