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xx Famous section 2:
« Thread started on: Dec 10th, 2003, 2:38pm »

30:Jaime King(another assassin with baby face...getting flashback from Twiggy time without regular fashion models tricks..she is original that is shows)
31:Julia Styles(I suppose she has one of the cutest mordern face. like fron cartoons. And i really like her voice
32:Inga Ilm*(i don`t know why she has left the stage....her face has almost hypnotic she`s a little bite simple, but the screen is surely need her)
32:Inna Gomes*(unexpected strong spirite of a corgeous fashion and screen mistress)
33:Issabelle Rosselinni(... "Blue Velvet" was not my fisrt inspiration from her but "The death is look good on her"....oh yeah!!)
34:Issabelle Scorupco(she could be sophistication in life and cristal clearness on the screen...great actress)
35:Laura San Giacoma(she could be so funny and sexual at the same time)
36:Lene(is it her duty to shake that ....?)
37:Lena Olin(her warming clovanic aura makes even cruel character attractive enough)
38:Liticia Casta(i can smell the open field when i look at her ...she is like a light wind breath in a hot summer day)
39:Kate Winslet(she is not affraid to created characters with panatration ways ...that is must makes her very covered strong and safe in life)
40:Kyle Minoque(..i like her ideas for visualisation of her music and i suppose we have something similar - i`m usually nude in my music videos too)
41:Kari Wuhrer (... "where is the drug?!".. songs films and drafts (as far as i can understand) - she is the one of my kind)
42:Kristana Loken(skandinavian charm from corgeous oceananic eyes and incredible smile)
43:Meg Ryin(i don`t no..maybe she is one of the cutest
hollywood actresses her huge eyes and shiny smile makes
her characters lightfull and irresistible)
44:Melinda Clark(she has a stately face and unrelised potential for creating royal characters - historical entile queens or princess)
45:Merilyn Monroe(she not an acress - she is a it good or bad?..i guess it`s both?!unforgettable figure)
46:Mili Avital(ouuuuuch... a corgeous... she has unbelievable potential only her eyes can inspire ever ever and ever. As for for the rest... ouch i gotta go...)
47:Ms.Chicone(almost all-sifficent - i like that, but i still can`t figure out why she call herself by that nickname - "Madonna")
48:Monica Beluchi(could be my Malena ..i`ve saw her first in "Dracula" However i`ve realize that is she is after "la Doberman" i feel she is "the Cleo"..)
49:Mila Jovovich (one of the greatest mordern acctresses - when i`ve saw her Luc Beseon`s "Jean of arc" - i realize that for sure..befor that i`ve tought that she is more model then the acctress)
50:Natalia Guseva( she was a sex symbol for every russian scool boy - "Alice" from "Guest from the future " film)
51:Natalie imbrugilia(feiry character with light and warming aura with her art - i like her thats for sure)
52:Nasstasya Kinsky(ephemeral,ureal she is like a wind or fresh breath of sea)
53:Nina Hagen(one of the most impressive femelic character from last century.. her wide opened eyes and low voice are totaly hypnotic)
54shockedrnela Munti(extraordinary exceptional wide range and number of created characters and she is still
in a great shape)
55:Shakira(some of her spanish songs retraslated to english sounds less amazing when originals, but her visual expression looks cool..she`s full of energy)
56:Salma Hayek(what can i say... i`m still working with some of her character...guitar figure, cute accent..freshass!!!smiley)
57:Shannyn Sossamon(i would say cute girl but she is not a girl - yes she is young and full of energy, but where is so much deepness and tragedy in her characters - amazing femalic artist)
58::Sherly Manson (i guess signing women is always inspiring - if we`re really gifted of couse)
59:Sherilyn Fenn(that litle beauty mark near her left eye barrow make her face absolutelly of the most cute character of the "Twin Peacks")
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