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xx Famous section 1
« Thread started on: Dec 10th, 2003, 2:09pm »

1:Adrew Taotou(one of the most cutest faces that i`ve ever see, even when she`s playing a maniac...I really like her naughry and childish smiling black eyes. Anyhow her chatacters are really touching)
2:Anna Nickole Smith( i like aerosmith, my first serious romantic adore was named Nickole(when i was 12-13 years old) and one of the first muse has name Anna (when i was 16-17)..and i guess i just was charmed by her full-sized figue and tempting look)
3: Avril Lavigne(all-sufficient version of Christina Aguilera - small shape, strong voice but she is not so addictited for fame - she is more obsessed for creation when the audience reaction - i like that)
4:Aria Giovanni(she is a of the most charming adult model.. everlasting caze for me especially now - when she full-grown...full sized natural beauty wich could even more full if she will stop shaving her corpus down - that fluff on her arms could be estetecly connected with similar fuzz on her legs and totlaly complite with fullsized hear shape on her pubis)
5:Andy Macdowell(charecters full of feminine attraction and advantage)
6:Alicia Silverstone(... like Sheron Stone but young ...she`s extremely talented...i hope she`ll create a lote of great characters...)
7:Ashley Jude(the beauty in the eyes of beholder...)
8:Anastasia(not a russian?!.. however strong as same as a russian female`s ouch..she is rock`s)
9:Angelina Jolie( one of the most realized actress with misterious way from "Original sin" and "Gia" to Lara Croft .... she was a great model for updating my vision of left handed human`s archtypes)
10:Anna Kovalchuk*(amazing russian woman and actress..i wish she could make more movie characyers when theater`s)
11:Christina Aguilera(it`s very exciting for me to look how she is changing...i expect something good and that girl will become woman ..maybe i`m exciting too much?! However i like to watch how human`s changing mentally and how it reflect the way they look like..)
12:Christina Ricci(i was a big fun of "Adam`s familly" as for now she has become one of cutest and smartest young acctreses in the whole world)
13:Charlize Theron(she was so touching with gorila.. so sweet almost innocent, but i`ve notice her first on a "Devil`s Advoacate" with one of the most tragical femic character and i was so happy when she was resarected at the end, but i`ve use her character in one of the drafts of mine, only after "Astronaut`s wife")
14:Connie Nielsen(strong femalic figure full of style..however i don`t think that she needs
unisexual heir cut...)
15cheesyina Mayer(cruel and sensual at the same time she is the beauty and the beast in one flask)
16:Elizabeth Taylor(well she is almost an epoch we all gotta be greatfull)
17:Emmanuelle Beart(one of the moust extremly erotic actress for me - she don`t need to undress herself - she just need to smile and it`s already drive me wild)
18:Erica Eleniak(she`s wonderful acress ...i wouldn`t watch so much action movies with out hersmiley)
19:Eva Herzigova(...she reminds me a heterosexual Gia Garangi - if she was heterosexual of course)
20:Evanescence(personally she could be a worses stinker in the world or the nicest bride - i don`t know that, but as an artist she is the most exiting opening for me now - i really like a femic charecters of her videos)
21:Gina Lolobrigida(guitar shaped classic atress who has create one of the first feminine etalons for me)
22:Gina Gershon(cruel charm of cool sad mistress)
23::Gretta Garboo(i guess i like her cold charm warmed by B\W type and her characters soul)
24:Famke Janssen(..well she is looks so warm, even through the cold characters...i think she is a great actress)
25:Faith Hill(i`m not a fan of her music as fine as Christina Aguilera`s, but when i look at to her on the screen - i see a strong woman who`s showing selfrespect attitude and natural power... it`s inspiring)
26:Halle Berry(she`ve become a sex symbol after "Die another day" or "swordfish" or erlyer in X-men`s or "Bumerang", but one of sexyest movie that i`ve with her it`s "The monster ball" smooth and cruel like "The man who was`nt there" she has made for arfter war almost the same as Matthew McConaughey, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington and Samuel Jakson inside of the struggle(against racism) and i`ve tottaly can understand her tears wich is impossible for the people have`nt fight or suffer for they freedom)
27:Holly Walance(all i wanna is get her smack!! smack!!)
28:Jana Freske*(russian pop girl from girlish popgroup remind me Magrorita Terehova( Tarkovsy`s Muse have use her character in unisex hair style research for one fine art creation draft))
29:Jannifer Jason Lee(from "Flesh and Blood" i`ve become her admirer..after "Existense" i`m still amused)
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