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Feb 24th, 2018, 8:01pm

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read the quotes of that forum...

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xx SOUL 3d
« Thread started on: Dec 20th, 2010, 06:13am »

well the main idea is to show how time squire can look if there will be only advertising of one artist and only one artwork will be advertisedů Also it was like connection of not connectable 1) Surreal creation advertised so widely and time squire without selling some soda water or some washing stuff and etc..., but art as food for thoughts and revelation for soul.
2) Host of the show is black man who has modern cloth and move like hip hop performer no matter if he sounds like dressed in strong suit seller from very expensive auction houses like Chirtie`s and etc.
3) Sign on his T-shirt says that he is an internet scum and it's not far away from reality (
Of course character shown in film is a work of fiction, but his prototype, who looks very close to character use to try to be my agent and could still try to use my art with out any signed or unsigned approve from me. I've report about him to FBI and Russian Police...) so he symbolize scuming agents and industry which only gets fatter, while artists some times got no money at all... Also he symbolize and reflect social attitude to modern art and art in generally - modern society not addicted to art, do not understand it and prefer to define it as crazy and useless or worse( worthless and scam )... Also no one is ready to pay for what you can digitally - so it's double sided scamming = pop culture gives satiety a scam product, while true art still stay outside or inside of very small market covered by huge pricing scrumming policy... This film trying to show how modern art should be presented and shared = than everyone who likes it should go and buy a copy for several dollars instead of paying millions for questionable master peace or look to it in museum covered by plexiglas...Touch the untouchable = print it if you like it and forget about critique and other people mind - trust your taste - get master peace today - Carpe diem - do not wait until it'll be measured and labeled... Feel it now, while artist is here as well as you ... Do not wait until the next century critics will tell you that it's a masterpiece or not...Feel the eternity created today, instead of watching something that already has been gone into it... Artists who's already gone , won't get your money and they mostly don't give a shit about your love or hate - so feed the ones who still live, while you can... TOUCH the ETERNITY now!!! and art shown in film is real too and it`s original and safe for buying as well as all other sites listed on official M.A.K.`s forums
p.s. sound for this film has been created long time ago

SOUL key fine art even earlier

p.s.2 to catch all other backgroundly presented artwork - use HD mode for viewing the film...
or visit both sites...

3d stereo version can be found here( you gonna need to get anaglyph glasses):

Crazy films Tshirt
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