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Mar 17th, 2018, 3:05pm

stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too

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xx Let's be ourselves! (act II)
« Thread started on: Oct 20th, 2015, 9:31pm »

Today, I, by being in all senses of his descendant, can safely say – his testimony is not fundamentally improved the situation, if not make it worse ... And although that definition of your archetype through his method even in his time was easy procedure almost for everyone, even now, with the full automation of the process and exclusion primary defects of scanners, not everyone care for it. Not far off the abolition of ban on the reproduction of individuals with lack of full personal archetypal reflection ("mirror" twins). Plus, supporters of same-sex marriages are trying to cancel the restriction for the adoption for pairs with the same emotional and conscious direction. Often with out understanding, what they are have the opposite neurological oriented archetypes, just like a pioneer of that technology himself along with his beautiful half ...
Meanwhile the way of recognition is truly simple: without paying attention on hundreds of specifying factors, most importantly is to understand "in which direction your nose is pointing "... If it is left side from right one and you are not left-handed, you are happy or not, but the holder of a consciously emotional archetype, which means only the following: the left hemisphere which is responsible creation of logical construction begins to work first, and his neighbor connected to emotional acceptation start work on one step later. The consequence of this may be a faster (not to be confused with accurate) response of the left hand (again, if you are not left-handed), rather than at the owners of emotionally-conscious archetype ... They (emotionally-conscious) got right hand which is goes first, while left-handers, respectively, are opposite to both... Considering the fact that neurologically left hemisphere connected with right side of the body and verse vesa, it is became clear and at the same time even more mysterious the existence of substance what humans use to call soul. Because if system would work without using some signals and commands which is coming not from outside of the body and not being produced and conducted by some sort of field, any man, or dog, or fly… could only produce one word, one sound, or thought… and make only one step and freeze on that forever. Or everyone would need to act and think only by permanently looking at the eyes of each other, while those eyes would need to be connected by some sort of nerves which is does not exist…Some of that can be explained by quantum entanglement as well as some new facts which has been discovered during exploring dark matter and energy. Whatsoever from global perspective humanity are still on the same level in understanding of work of mind as we use to be about one thousand years ago, than that artist discover principle of archetypical view, while so called «scientists» of his time would called now frogs and obscurants...
However if you want to define not only your base archetype, but also your "physicist" or "lyrics" orientation of your mind – it will require more complicated procedures ... but by knowing your archetype you will be able to create a prism of perception of others more correctly or far more likely. But most importantly - you will be able to understand yourself much better, because you can not change the archetype, as opposed to the character or partner. Although now you can already hear some talks about changing neuro direction in the manner of sex change, but exactly like with the last, and even more, the results are unlikely to be able to remain absolutely authentic. And after all, archetypal orientation can only told you that it is just what you guided almost in unconscious level… first – you want everything goes logically, and then you want to get the emotional response from that (if you are the owner of the same direction as i do – the emotional ...oh no, I'm sorry, consciously emotional ...), or at first you want to put some emotion, and then get the logical consummation from creation or invention ... And women's way of thinking from the male perception are different only in that the first step from the figurative state to the abstract, and the second on the contrary – from the essence of a community ... Why try to change it under the influence of the far-fetched and outdated gender schemes? Left-handers, in the end, stopped torturing and relearn themselves, which showed, after the general census revealed, their real number, which is in some lands, even higher than sum of the others... Why trying to change your status obtained from birth for ghostly preferences, rather than to understand its essence and enjoy the benefits that it gives? Be yourself not mean to repaint the hair or shave up your name on the back of the head ... For that you need something more complex and simpler at the same time - just be engaged in something that others would not do in the way that you would or would not do at all…What only you would or could create that, while knowing that you better in this for anyone including yourself! We - this is what we create, rather than what as we think, we present ... So let's be ourselves ...

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stories in russian are above mostly/ in english are after - you can start from the last page to get them for sure...some of them will be on top too
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