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Mar 17th, 2018, 3:15pm

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« Thread started on: Sep 12th, 2006, 7:36pm »

Well i haven’t play Gta 3 as well as Vice city addon, `cause i don`y really like games created for find your plain blood sucking and cruel part of your character and personality. I haven’t even play Carmagedon original version, but Zombie edition – actually i never thought that where is another edition, before i found it and when i realize that i’m just killing people here to get on next level – i`ve quit and get back to Zombie edition. And i never really was addicted to that part of the game(crash my car against zombie asses) - it was one of the first most realistical race simulator, where you could scratch and totally kill your car as well as your opponents, just like it Dderby(like that simular too –especially arena plain Dderby round ) And also Carmagedon could gave you that feeliing of speed, which you couldn’t really find in other games(like Need for Speed for example – where cars sometimes were moving like on a rail ).Like in Network Q RAC Rally Championship( ), where cars actually can`t be distracted, but moves realistic and can be reviewed from different camera views And San Andreas can give you more when true feeling of speed and car annihilation option as well as cinematic replay - it’s also give you a great opportunity of regular life simulation – much is looks greater and wider when girlish Sims or sexists Seven sins!! – Actually it reminds me Hitman 2 and The Matrix(the movie)!! – `Cause just like in Hitman 2 and Hitman:Contracts as well as i suppose in Hitman:“Blood money” (haven’t play Blood money yet), among fixed screenplay you can really do what ever you care and just like in the Matrix, that game can show you the system from outside as well is from inside. - All parts of that sick world, by using fiction state, which is looks so close to real and reflects all problems of the real one!! - I wouldn’t say that it’s a the most aesthetic game i `ve ever play, but I never saw the game more wider and detailed then San Andreas yet. And i find attractive a first Gta versions (2D) as well – they has been created in 3d look actually, but from above, which actually could show you that world from a sky look…
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